Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Building Easy Go

The Jay Benford designed Easy Go is a Junk Rigged Dory Schooner built in 2004-5. Photos of the entire building process can be found at:

Building Easy Go

Kathy and I took just about a year to build our sailboat. She proved very seaworthy and with two Atlantic crossing left little to be desired.

While in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia this past summer, 2009, we made a few improvements with changes to the galley cupboards and nav station storage. Some new paint, changes to the cockpit and long overdue stanchions and lifelines she is even safer and more enjoyable than ever.

We knew during the construction that we would not get everything completed as we wanted to get out sailing again. Always a work in progress Easy Go will never be finished!


  1. Hi Bob !
    one year for both of you to build Easy Go.
    what about the cost ?

  2. We used exterior grade plywood and West System Epoxy. Aluminum flagpoles for masts and sewed our own sails. Cost was about 25 percent of having her built in a yard.

  3. Replies
    1. I made my calculations based on the formula from Jay Benfords web site. I don't know what the present cost would be as prices for all materials seem to have gone sky high in recent years. If I were to build again I would use marine ply for its workability.

  4. Hi Bob
    I hope you are feeling better. I am considering building a Benford sailing dory in Thailand were I live (originally from Nova Scotia). My question is do you feel your boat suitable for a tropical climate. I am also considering a Wharram Tikki 30 as it ma y be better suited for tropical living.... Warm regards Pat

    1. We lived on Easy Go in Africa and the Caribbean. She is adequate but I think the Wharram boat would be preferable for extended tropical use. Both boats are seaworthy with Easy Go superior in northern climes.