Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter In Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

We patched the sails and did some upgrades on Easy Go in June, July and into August. We then sat out Hurricane Bill in Lunenburg where the winds did not go over 50 knots and the tidal surge was only a couple of meters. We had to wait again as Tropical Storm Danny passed us by but we were able to move to Princess Inlet in Mahone Bay to sit out this storm which packed a pretty good wallop and put a couple of boats on shore when they slipped their moorings. Finally we were able to sail in Mahone Bay and visited many of the towns and anchorages in this superb cruising area. Back to Lunenburg in late September where we became "Extras" in a remake of the movie "Moby Dick". Lots of fun to see how a movie is made!!

Kathy and I were able to do some land cruising for part of the winter visiting friends and family that we have not seen for quite some time. We are now getting "Easy Go" and ourselves ready to head off in May. We've sourced our supplies, updated charts and looking forward to warmer weather. This years agenda is to see Newfoundland and then find somewhere warm to spend next winter.

More news to follow when we come out of hibernation!!!

Bob Groves

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