Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring In Lunenburg

Winter has been really "Open" this winter in Nova Scotia. Open is the term used here for a warm and relatively snow free winter and its been all of that. By the middle of March we experienced temperatures in the mid teens Celsius and as high as the low 20's just this past weekend. This has helped us get Easy Go ready for spring launching, hopefully, by the middle of April. The bottom antifouling paint is applied and most of the exterior additions and renovations are completed. Easy Go has faired the winter well and the interior wipe down and new painting is going along very fast. New lockers in the galley and nav station are working out well. The latest improvement will be new lockers in the berth area so that we can store our clothes in a more civilized fashion. We have been using rubbermaid containers and stuff sacks till now. The new arrangements will keep the clothes drier and more organized.

Winter has interesting affects on the boat. Condensation has continued to be a problem that we have not had before. In December we blamed it on the snow but the boat has never really dried out so it is just the climate and the fact we cannot leave the hatches open long enough to get all the moisture out. We are assured by the locals that things will improve and that this summer will not be a repeat of last summers almost continuous rains and fog. We'll see. No promises about hurricanes and tropical storms however.

Plans are to head north to the Cape Breton area then on towards Newfoundland and Labrador for the summer.

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