Sunday, June 26, 2011

Easy Go - Home in River Bourgeois

We have finally had our first sail of the season. The weather moderated on Thursday June 23, 2011 and we were able to say good bye to Chris and Jess on Teleport and Beth and Evans on Hawk in St. Peter's. Always sad to say good bye. Teleport is heading to the Northwest Passage. Hawk is on the way to one of our favourite places, Newfoundland. Easy Go let loose her lines and we used the Yuloh to scull our way to the St. Peter's lock arriving just before sunset. We tied up for the night on the Bras d'Or Lakes side of the lock. Up early we were ready to get through the lock at 8:00 am so that we could leave on the falling tide. Easy Go easily slipped through the lock with Kathy steering and Bob pulling her through with the mooring lines. With the tide higher on the lake side than the ocean side the current gently boosted us through. On the ocean side of the lock we made our final checks and set off for home. We had an entertaining moment at the end of the canal with a wind shift and a little current eddy that spun us completely around in a 360 degree turn. Without a motor and light winds for the sail this is always a possibility. We made it out of the canal on the second try and started tacking our way towards the Lennox Passage. Light and variable winds slowed us for a couple of hours while we watched a wind shift approaching from the east. The wind picked up in a matter of moments and we were off on a boisterous sail for the second half of the trip. We dodged the lobster trap floats and came into the inlet at River Bourgeois on the half tide at hull speed. Up the inlet and around the end of Church Point we did a couple of tacks before setting anchor in view of our new land base where we are building this summer. Easy Go is resting on two anchors, looking forward to more trips later in the season.

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