Monday, February 27, 2012

Wind, Wind and More Wind

Yesterday we were able to get to shore and have a really nice hike along the new National Trail that follows the coast. Starting near the Fort Shirley National Park this trail gives access to one of the largest fresh water swamp ecosystems in Dominica. The wind had kept us on the boat Saturday as it was just too blustery to row to the beach.

We went and visited with Peter and Riah along with their friend Guy, another Canadian, as they are setting off to Florida.

Last evening we stayed at the beach and went to another PAYS barbecue and dance evening. Good chicken and fish supper with that bottomless rum punch glass again. The punch was far too good last night and we are relaxing today.

A couple of the Tall Ship Cruising boats came into the anchorage this morning. A testament to the wind strength was the blown out sails of the Star Clipper It had a blown out square sail and the fore and aft mainsail on the third of four masts. These are very large sails on conservatively sailed ships. We have never seen this kind of damage on these well run ships before. The remains of the square sail were flapping in the rigging until one of the sailors aboard was able to get out on the yard and get it down this morning. Royal Clipper is also here but without any signs of sail damage.

A number of yachts also came in last night with damaged sails. Exciting times I'm sure.

Its good to be at anchor even though we are veering around with chains grumbling on the rocks. Hope it eases soon.

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