Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sliding Down The Slippery Slope

Okay, now Easy Go has electricity and a few electronics. Still pretty primitive by most cruisers standards. Been busy this month, June, getting a few lights onboard. Adapted the traditional copper and bronze kerosene Navigation Lamps to work with LED lamps and kerosene, if needed. Much brighter than with the kerosene. The Fresnel lenses are really very effective at amplifying the light regardless of the source.

Put a plug adapter in for the computer and a 750 watt inverter for tools. Eventually want to put in some cabin lighting as well but will stick with the kerosene lights for this summer. Time is coming to get out cruising for the summer not wanting to lose this season to boat or house projects.

Kathy and I have been getting the kitchen garden in and starting to scythe the field to tame the weeds and encourage the grass.

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