Monday, September 23, 2013

Iron Bark at Ambos Mundos

Its been more than a year since we had a visit with Trevor Robertson of Iron Bark. That was back in Lunenburg in the early summer of 2012 when he was planning to head north to Greenland for his second overwintering in the Arctic. We also had a great visit with Annie Hill in Lunenburg garnering new ideas from the vast store of knowledge and experience they both have gathered over the years.

I am recently back from Newfoundland and while I was on the west coast Trevor was cruising down the east coast. I was out in the yard on Saturday September 21, 2013 when I saw a familiar mast enter Bourgeois Inlet. Sure enough it was Iron Bark. Trevor anchored Iron Bark and I rowed out to meet him at the same time he was rowing in.

Iron Bark (left) and Easy Go at anchor in Bourgeois Inlet, 2013

We had a pleasant visit  for the afternoon and evenning sharing our summers adventures and winter cruising plans over supper. Trevor had wintered over at 73 degrees north and spent the summer cruising in the Arctic before heading south. It is always nice when friends stop in unexpectedly for a visit, especially after being out of contact for so long!

Visit Trevor's and Iron Bark's blog at for their travels.

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  1. I can't believe it. My two favorite boat designs - the Wylo II and junk-rigged Badger, just 'down the road' from me in Cape Breton! Just finished Annie Hall's book and currently working through Has. and Mac., looking into cheap wind vanes (thanks for recommending the Belcher book which I'll get) and mustering the courage to sell the new Tohatsu which came with my little Westwind 24 so thank you also for the yuloh tip, which have previously considered but now will consider more deeply.

    Ashley near Gabarus.