Sunday, June 19, 2011

Installing Junk Rig Masts 2011

In the past we've used home made mast cranes to install or reinstall the mast on Easy Go. They have all worked successfully. This year we didn't have access to a mast crane. We hired a boom truck from the local building supplier, RM Landry and Son, to pick up the masts from where we stored them, move them to the St. Peter's Marina on the Bras d'Or Lakes of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada then install them. What a joy to work with almost no tide and a hoist that could put the masts straight down through the partners. Using a couple of walkie talkies I was able to communicate with the operator and make small adjustments as necessary. All done in about 30 minutes of easy work.

Our masts are two aluminum flagpoles and utilized a very strong flagpole mount on the bottom of the boat. Once in place the masts have never shifted. Our innovative wedging system on the partners is almost bullet proof. The unstayed masts require special attention to get them set up right but once in place there is little to do other than wax them to keep corrosion at bay.

View the Photo Essay for this years install.

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